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Teen development

Learn about the biological and physical changes, social and emotional changes, teen brain development of teens and more. We also provide tips on what parents can do to help their teen through these changes.

Physical development in teens

Get a summary of the many changes happening in teens’ bodies.

Teen identity: Figuring out who you are

Learn how teens work out who they are.

Teens becoming independent

Learn what it means for teens to become more autonomous.

Social and emotional changes in teens

Understand two important developmental tasks teen undertake during this time.

Changes in teens' thinking process

Teens are undergoing changes in their thinking, or cognitive, processes. Cognition refers to the thought processes occurring within the brain.

Your teens' developing brain

Learn about why your teenager may have trouble making plans, strategizing smart choices, and making good judgments.

What's teen development all about?

Find out what development tasks teens must accomplish during these years.

Teens and risk-taking

All risk taking is not bad. Help your teen take healthy risks for positive outcomes in life.

Reviewed in 2023

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