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Parent-school partnerships

Through communication across home and school, parents and teachers can share information about children’s progress and discuss their needs and interests to find the right opportunities to promote learning experiences. Meaningful dialogue between parents and teachers creates mutual understanding and enhances both parents’ and children’s experiences with school.

Building shared responsibility for educational outcomes 

Gain a better understanding of how to turn common school events and activities, like Back-to-School night, into a partnership-building opportunity.

Education: Our Best Legacy 

Explore the school success program intended to be delivered by Spanish-speaking educators to Latino parents or caregivers with middle school-aged children.

Effective communication for family-school partnerships 

Explore these guidelines and practices that school staff can use for effective communication.

Four models of parent involvement 

Review four models of parent involvement and identify where your own school is at on the spectrum.

How to engage the uninvolved parent 

Consider these suggestions for engaging parents in removing barriers, improving communication, and more.

Nuts and bolts of communication with parents and families 

Get communication tips relating to attitudes, behaviors, and more.

Practices that promote schools as welcoming communities 

Try these family outreach efforts to create a welcoming environment for parents.

The eight 'p' philosophy for effective school-parent partnerships 

Enact these eight “P”s in your school to help build effective school-parent partnerships.

What can parents do to strengthen parent-school connections? 

Follow these easy-to-do steps to help strengthen your parent-school relationships.

Reviewed in 2023

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