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Education: Our best legacy for Latino families presentations

These presentations are only available with the complete educational package. For more information, see Education: Our Best Legacy educational package for Latino families.

Education: Our Best Legacy (EOBL) presentations are intended for display to participants during the class sessions. There are seven different presentations, one for each class.

The EOBL presentations:

  • Have more visuals than text.

  • Add structure, visual interest and variety to the class sessions.

  • Prompt facilitators to review key concepts.

  • Reiterate questions that are to be discussed.

The EOBL presentations are not meant to guide class sessions. This is the role of the facilitator guide lesson plans.

There are two versions with the package: Spanish and English. The English version is intended as a reference for English-speaking partners. It should not be used with participants.

A version of these presentations are also available for Latino families. See Education: Our Best Legacy for Latino families presentations.

See samples of the first presentation: Education: Our Best Legacy class 1 presentation: español (PDF) | English (PDF)

The complete educational package was written in 2017 by:

  • Kathleen A. Olson, program director for partnering for school success

  • Victoria Campoverde, cultural liaison with Columbia Heights school district

  • Karen Shirer, associate dean

  • Patricia Stoppa, Extension educator in family relations

  • Colleen Gengler, Extension educator in family relations

  • Jo Musich, Extension educator in family relations

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