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4-H clover Volunteers Solveig Harren and Beth Johnson help grow beneficial after-school 4-H clubs in Roseau County

A woman helping two boys complete a string craft.
Solveig Harren volunteers with the Warroad Cloverbud Club.

Two years ago, Solveig Harren stepped forward to promote and support a newly formed after-school 4-H club at Warroad Public Schools for youth in grades K-3.

"Solveig helps encourage families to engage with 4-H by joining the Warroad Cloverbud Club," says Sandi Weiland, Extension educator in Roseau County. "She even attends sessions to help mentor the young people!"

In her volunteer role with Minnesota 4-H, Solveig serves as a positive role model not only to young people but to other adults as well.

"Solveig continues to be an advocate for the benefits of 4-H in the life of young people and adults as volunteers," says Sandi. "The Warroad County Cloverbud Club benefits from her leadership." 

Her dedication and support have allowed 4-H in the Warroad community to flourish.

Two adults with a group of kids wearing 4-H shirts and smiling at the camera.
Volunteer Beth Johnson pictured with youth from the Cool Clover Kids and Extension educator Sandi Weiland.

At Roseau Public Schools, volunteer Beth Johnson leads the Cool Clover Kids– another after-school 4-H club, but for older youth.

When Beth "inherited" leadership of the club 10 years ago, they were struggling to maintain their membership.

"At the time, our program offering took place mostly on weeknight evenings and weekends– which conflicted with sports and other activities," says Beth Johnson. "To overcome this hurdle, we made the shift to after-school programming– and it worked!"

Beth's dedication to the success of the program has been key in allowing it to grow and flourish.

"Beth goes above and beyond in her volunteer role, helping support an active after-school club that has been growing for the past 10 years," says Kelsey Berger, Extension educator in Roseau County.

From providing leadership to helping eliminate barriers to youth participation– by helping coordinate transportation, providing thorough communication with families and more– Beth really does it all.

"I want to highlight Beth's positivity and heart that she puts into all things 4-H. The light it brings to the community does not go unnoticed," says Kelsey.

Learn more about becoming a 4-H volunteer.

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