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4-H clover Anoka County 4-H landfill to landscape: Plastic challenge

We did it! We reached our goal of collecting 500 pounds in under 6 months and we are ready to do it again! Our new challenge kicks off on Nov. 6, 2023. Check back for updates on how we are doing.

Are you tired of all the plastic that we use and then just throw away? Many of us know all about recycling our plastic bottles and containers, but what about all of the plastic that surrounds the items we buy? 

Trex uses all those plastic items to create durable items. Let's make a difference in our world by recycling these items instead of just throwing them away. If our county can collect 1000 pounds in 12 months we will get a bench made from recycled plastic from Trex!

The bench from our first round will be on the Anoka County fairgrounds outside of the poultry/rabbit barn.

More details and a list of acceptable items.

Learn How Your Recyclables Can Become A Composite Deck With NexTrex®

Drop off locations

Plastic can be dropped off at the Bunker Hills Activities Center in the receptacle container located just inside the front doors or in the Anoka County Extension office in the lower level.

Items can also be dropped of at local stores but must be weighed prior to drop off and reported to us in order for us to get credit. Trex suggests dropping off in small amounts or letting places know in advance you will be bringing large amounts.  



Anna Gilbertson, Extension Educator, 4-H Youth Development
annag@umn.edu, (763) 324-3497

Kim Ferguson, Administrative Services Assistant
fergu029@umn.edu, (763) 324-3499

Natalie Peterson, Principal Office and Administrative Specialist
pet01577@umn.edu, 763-324-3496

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