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The 4-H Incredible Exchange

What is The 4-H Incredible Exchange?

The 4-H Incredible Exchange is a 4-H program offered through the University of Minnesota Extension. 4-H is a youth serving organization whose goal is to promote the positive, healthy development of young people by providing hands-on learning activities. The 4-H Incredible Exchange utilizes a 4-H model and serves a specific age group – 13 to 15 year old youth. The program involves youth volunteering in the community to gain job skills and experience. Youth are trained and guided by screened Adult 4-H Volunteers (mentors) throughout their volunteer experience. At the conclusion of their volunteer hours (25-50), youth gain valuable experience and skills, and receive a certificate redeemable for their chosen recreational or cultural activity. Examples of volunteer sites include community youth centers, nursing homes, assisted living facilities, and local tourist attractions. Examples of certificates include ski or golf pass, art classes, dance, music or horseback riding lessons, and YMCA passes.

Who is eligible to participate in The 4-H Incredible Exchange?

Youth who are residents of South Saint Louis County and are between 13-15 years old are able to apply to The 4-H Incredible Exchange.  Enrollment for The 4-H Incredible Exchange opens in January and closes on April 30. Youth must be 13-15 years old by June 1 of the program year. For more information, call the St. Louis County Extension Office in Duluth at (218) 733-2876 or email kolean@umn.edu.

Volunteer site descriptions can be found here.
4-H Incredible Exchange certificate policy can be found here.

To Apply:
Our enrollment process has changed.
For online application directions, please visit Family Enrollment Tip Sheet.
To receive a paper application, click here.  

Once an enrollment (new member) or re-enrollment (returning member) has been submitted, it will go into “pending” status.  Program application deadline is April 30. After the deadline, all applications will be reviewed. Space in the program is limited, and enrolling in 4-H does not guarantee a position with The 4-H Incredible Exchange. Applicants will be notified after the selection process is complete. Once youth are accepted into the program and matched with a site, there will be a $10 program fee for insurance. All youth and screened adult volunteers in 4-H programs are required to be covered by insurance in case they have an accident or are injured while participating. Scholarships are available.

For more information or assistance, please contact Katie Ecklund at kolean@umn.edu or 218-733-2876.

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