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New Extension resources focus on groundwater, private wells and drought 

Well creating cone of depression

Protecting your private well during drought

Many in Minnesota get their drinking water from a well. During times of drought, it is even more important to be conscious of water use and maintenance of your well and equipment. 

Check out protecting your private well during drought, which describes the cycles of groundwater in Minnesota and how it affects well water levels. It also provides tips on how to conserve water. Did your well stop producing water? Learn why that might happen and what you can do about it. 

About groundwater and aquifers in Minnesota

Curious about the water under our feet? These brief videos on groundwater and aquifers animate and visualize concepts such as confined and unconfined aquifers. 

The accompanying webpage, groundwater and aquifers in Minnesota, provides more details, including an overview of the makeup of aquifers in Minnesota such as sedimentary rock aquifers. Learn about the many factors that can affect how quickly contaminants move from the soil at the surface to groundwater. 

Interested in digging deeper? Try the online, self-paced Groundwater Basics for Resource Managers course.

Testing well water for contaminants

Is your water from a public water utility or a private well? Do you need to test your well water for contaminants -- which ones and how frequently? The new resource from Extension, Drinking water in Minnesota can help. 

“Many people have questions about their drinking water, especially if they get their water from a well. This resource helps Minnesota residents answer common questions, including options for treatment if you find an issue with your drinking water,” said co-author Anne Nelson, Extension educator in water resources. 

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