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Extension’s leadership resources focus on what people need to lead in communities. Grounded in research conducted by the University of Minnesota and other respected institutions, these resources help participants strengthen, grow and learn new knowledge and skills they can use to solve problems and create a better community.

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Building Leadership Programs Management Guide

This guide is designed for organizations and individuals who want to establish programs to strengthen leadership in their communities. It is filled with information, tools and examples gleaned from more than 20 years of successful leadership program development and management in both rural and urban communities in Minnesota.

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Committees that Work

Effective committees have engaged members, strong leadership and successful processes. When these three areas are working well, a positive dynamic is created. When any area is challenged, it affects the other areas and can stall or lead to ineffectiveness. This guide includes strategies to strengthen these three areas.

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Facilitation Resources

Those who work with organizations have learned the need for effective facilitation skills. Facilitation Resources, available as a set of eight volumes, is an effort to enhance volunteers' group facilitation techniques. These volumes explore the skills needed to facilitate nonprofit groups and organizations through important discussions vital to the organization and to the community.

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