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Elder family financial exploitation

It is widely agreed that one of the most prevalent and growing type of elder abuse is family financial exploitation.  Millions of older adults and their families will experience EFFE. Elder family financial exploitation (EFFE) occurs when a family member as the perpetrator is involved in the illegal, unauthorized, or improper use of an elder’s resources including financial assets or property. Elder Family Financial Exploitation is part of a larger emerging elder justice crises with unmeasured costs and consequences for older adults, their families, and society.

Learn about EFFE

Older adults and their families don’t have to just wait and take a chance of experiencing the all too common EFFE. Use these resources to identify and prevent against the risks of exploitation.

All about elder family financial exploitation

Learn the facts about EFFE so that you can protect yourself and others. The consequences and costs of EFFE go well beyond the older victim. 

Preventing elder family financial exploitation

Use these six strategies that proactively address ways to prevent EFFE and the harms that it causes.

Research findings for family professionals

As part of a research project the current literature on EFFE is cited below to inform public awareness, professional education and public policy. 


Dive deeper with webinars

Webinars for professionals from professor of gerontology and family economics Marlene S. Stum, University of Minnesota. Professor Stum is also the primary investigator for “When it’s family: The meaning and experience of family financial exploitation.”

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