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Amur silver grass

Quick facts

Amur silver grass is an invasive species. 

  • Amur silver grass invades sunny to semi-shaded areas such as road sides, woodland borders and clearings.

  • It forms single species stands.

  • It should be monitored and eliminated in open landscapes.

Amur silver grass should be reported. See the Minnesota Department of Natural Resources recommendations for reporting invasive species.

grouping of purple amur silver grass plants

How to identify amur silver grass

  • Amur silver grass (Miscanthus sacchariflorus) is a perennial warm-season grass, 6–8 feet tall.
  • Very showy and vigorous, forming dense mats.


  • Arching, with distinct whitish midrib, less than 1 inch wide.
Silky plume-like flowers


  • Silky plume-like flowers bloom in the fall.
  • Resembles corn tassels but are more dense and arch to one side of the stalk.


  • Reproduces vegetatively through rhizomes.
  • Eventually forms a dense mat.
  • Spreads easier in moist areas than dry areas.

Angela Gupta, Extension educator; Amy Rager, Extension educator; Megan M. Weber, Extension educator

Reviewed in 2019

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