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Aquatic invasive species detector program

Northern water milfoil - photo from MN DNR.

Volunteer to detect and track aquatic invasive species

There are many ways to help protect Minnesota waters against aquatic invasive species. Extension and the Minnesota Aquatic Invasive Species Research Center organize statewide volunteer surveillance programs that use trained observers to monitor high-risk areas.

The AIS Detectors program trains volunteers and professionals to make credible aquatic invasive species reports to the Minnesota Department of Natural Resources.

The AIS Trackers program trains volunteers and professionals to monitor changes in populations of aquatic invasive species over time in specific locations. They collect data that helps researchers assess treatment options and evaluate how treatment efforts are working.

Both the AIS Detector and Tracker volunteer programs are open to professional AIS managers and citizen scientists, such as lake association leaders, county AIS task force members, Master Naturalists and other motivated people. There is a minimum level of service required to maintain certification.

    AIS Detectors help protect Minnesota Lakes


    Become an AIS Detector or AIS Tracker and help protect Minnesota waters against invasive species.

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