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Plants commonly found in horse pastures

Cover of book Plants Commonly Found in Established Minnesota Horse Pastures

The goal of the book Plants Commonly Found in Established Minnesota Horse Pastures is to help horse owners identify non-poisonous weeds and desirable species commonly found in established Minnesota pastures. The book also provides many photos and offers weed management options.

Download Plants Commonly Found in Established Minnesota Horse Pastures (PDF)

What you'll learn - table of contents

  • Recommended pasture species 
  • Non-poisonous weeds 
    • Annual grasses 
    • Perennial grasses 
    • Annual broadleaf weeds 
    • Biennial thistles 
    • Common burdock 
    • Common mullein 
    • Prickly lettuce 
    • Spotted knapweed 
    • Absinth wormwood 
    • Canada thistle
    • Common dandelion 
    • Common milkweed 
    • Curly dock
    • Leafy spurge 
    • Stinging nettle 
    • Perennial sowthistle 
    • Pink family 
    • Plantain family 
    • Native wildflowers 
    • Introduced wildflowers 
    • Woody weed species 
    • Buckthorn 
  • Primary noxious weeds of Minnesota 
  • Chemical control table 
  • Grazing restriction table 

Krishona Martinson, Extension equine specialist; Roger Becker, Extension weed scientist; Lynn Hovda, doctor of veterinary medicine; Mike Murphy, doctor of veterinary medicine

Reviewed in 2009

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