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Resources for equine disease alerts

For the health of your horse and other horses, it’s important to be aware of equine-related disease information.

In addition to having a relationship with your veterinarian, there are other reliable sources you can turn to for accurate information.

Minnesota Board of Animal Health 

The Minnesota Board of Animal Health protects the health of the state’s domestic animals through education and cooperation with veterinarians, producers, owners and communities. Sign up for email updates and their Animal Bytes newsletter or follow them on Facebook.

The Board of Animal Health is also a wonderful source of information for the other critters you may have on your farm like dogs and cats, poultry, sheep, goats, cattle and swine.

Equine Disease Communication Center 

The Equine Disease Communication Center (EDCC) is a nation-wide communication system driven and funded by the equine industry, including the Minnesota Horse Council. The EDCC provides real-time information on infectious disease outbreaks, quarantines and regulations. You can sign up for email alerts and follow them on Twitter or Facebook.

Biosecurity tools 

An Equine Biosecurity Risk Calculator for horse farms is available through the University of Guelph in Ontario, Canada. The online tool will assess 10 risk factors for biosecurity on your farm, big or small.

Refer to our Extension page and the University of Minnesota Equine Center for the latest in research-based treatment, biosecurity education and best management practices.

Abby Neu, Extension educator

Reviewed in 2019

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