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Health insurance literacy

Many people feel that they lack the confidence and knowledge they need to select the best health insurance plan for themselves or their families. "Health insurance literacy" refers to the degree to which individuals have the knowledge, ability and confidence to:

  • Find and evaluate information about health insurance plans.

  • Select the best plan for their circumstances.

  • Use a plan once enrolled.

People are unsure of:

  • The terminology used within the health insurance field.

  • Their health insurance rights.

  • How to explore, select and use the health insurance plan that best meets their family's needs.

To bring the following two health insurance literacy workshops to Minnesota, we have partnered with:

  • University of Maryland Extension

  • University of Delaware Extension

We can work with your organization in a “train-the-trainer” approach. We build your staff's knowledge and confidence to teach health insurance literacy skills, or to offer workshops directly to the people you serve.

Smart Choice Health Insurance™ Basics Workshop

Give families the tools they need to make the best possible health insurance decisions for themselves and their families.

Smart Use Health Insurance™ Workshop

Help families make the best use of their health insurance plan and better plan for future health insurance costs.

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