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Building understanding and confidence in your youth work is critical to ensuring partnerships with financial stakeholders are healthy and mutually beneficial.
This class examines the creation of inclusive youth programs. Participants will explore cultural identities and examine how they affect interactions with youth. Culturally responsive practice creates a sense of belonging and empowerment in young people.
Youth workers address challenging situations in their daily work with young people. In this class, participants will dig into the sticky challenges and issues of youth work and examine various ways to respond to real-life problems in their program.
Participants explore how young people learn, what causes them to disengage from learning, and specific strategies for ensuring that the learning environment and the teaching itself is effective and engaging. 
Discover the benefits of using teens as teachers and the essential elements needed to create an impactful learning environment for the teens, their younger peers and the adult liaison.
Volunteers are critical to many youth-serving organizations. Middle-management volunteers direct other volunteers or assume primary responsibility for a specific part of a program. Learn how to cultivate volunteers to serve in these important roles.
While high quality programs have a positive impact on youth, poor quality programs can actually do harm. Learn what goes on inside quality programs to intentionality influence positive outcomes.

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