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Equity, culture and identity

An inclusive and responsive environment recognizes that culture, family and personal history is core to a young person’s identity formation. All youth have an opportunity to belong and reach their full potential.

Research briefs

An illustration of diverse hands coming together. Hands are adorned with jewelry, tattoos, and wrinkles.

Understanding and confronting racial injustice

We must help young people develop a mindset of being responsible for themselves, their communities and the world.

By Kate WalkerJessica Russo and Kathryn Sharpe

Working with youth: lgbtq flag

Inclusive youth development programs for LGBTQ+ people 

Youth programs are in a unique position to provide equitable spaces and other opportunities for LGBTQ+ youth.

By Joe Rand

kid with safety goggles on

Culturally responsive programs for immigrant youth 

Youth programs can help prepare youth to chart their pathways to valued futures and make a difference in their communities.

By Joanna Tzenis

adult face to face with kid

Inclusive programs for youth with disabilities 

Inclusive education values everyone's uniqueness and the diversity that they bring.

By Darcy Cole

Custom training for equity, culture and identity



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Reviewed in 2023

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