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Building youth resilience

Young people face unique concerns including school violence, farm stress and mental health. Program staff can help youth cope with these challenges.

Research briefs

boy with hands on head

Adverse childhood experiences (ACEs)

By Melissa Persing

Early traumas can change the structure and function of the brain and how a person responds to stress and disease. 

Teen boy resting his chin on his hands listening to parents fight.

Rural youth stress

By Aly Kloeckner

Addressing cumulative rural and farm stress cannot ignore young people who are more aware of and impacted by the family stress that we sometimes imagine.

Practical guides

Creating space for dialogue on difficult and important topics with youth

By Karyn SantlMaryAnn Anderson and Dianna Kennedy

How to have open conversations about tough topics.

Helping youth to cope with cancellations and loss

By Kathryn Sharpe and Karyn Santl

Losses can cause significant disappointment -- even feelings of grief.

Talking to youth about violence

By Jennifer Skuza, associate dean and Minnesota 4-H state director

We can help youth feel safe by establishing a sense of normalcy and security and talking with them about their fears.

Sad teenager gets a loving kiss from their parent.

Talking to young people about suicide

By Cari Michaels and Kate Walker

Practical tips and conversation starters for parents, educators and other caring adults when talking with youth about suicide.

Custom training for building youth resilience

Building Brains: ACEs, Resiliency and Brain Architecture

This training will introduce participants to the concepts of Adverse Childhood Experiences (ACEs) and resiliency, as well as provide participants with a better understanding of why positive youth development programs are essential for the building of strong youth and communities.

Reviewed in 2023

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