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Leadership Matters: The online course

This online class explores supervision and leadership issues in youth work organizations. Online activities include synchronized group time and self-paced learning.

Who should attend

Managers, supervisors and volunteer coordinators who work with youth.

How it works

Over the course of a month, participants can expect to spend an average of 5 hours/week, up to 20 hours total. Setting aside time for online work is required to have the full professional development experience.

Each week a new set of modules will be available and open 24 hours a day. Although the activities in each module (prerecorded presentation, discussion boards, readings, etc.) can be completed "on your own time," it is expected that all participants keep up with the content for the appropriate week.

There are also opportunities to learn together as a group during 3 live webinars, which will be recorded.

Participants must buy the book, Strengths Based Leadership and complete the Strengths Finder assessment before the class begins. This is a key portion of the course, not optional. (The book comes with a code for taking an online assessment. The code can be used only once. Don't buy a used copy of the book unless you know the assessment code has not been used.)

You will

  • Develop your supervision practice.
  • Assess your management and supervision style.
  • Engage in conflict management and team strengths learning.
  • Participate in live webinars.
  • Engage in discussion boards with other youth workers.
  • Explore articles, videos and websites.

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