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Two for you — take two minutes to live and lead with intention

Episode 3.9

Do you find yourself spinning in a hamster wheel wondering why you are doing what you are doing? Do you know your life’s purpose? Hint: It starts with “To…”

This month Carin Rockind, MAPP shares her model for uncovering purpose to help us find more meaning in our lives.



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[Lori] Hello and welcome to Two for You.  So have you ever found yourself just kind of swirling and going and on the move and not really sure why you're doing it. This month we are talking to you or bringing to you ideas around purpose and interviewing Carin Rockind who has her master's in positive psychology.  She's also the founder and CEO of PurposeGirl and Women's Global Happiness Day and she's a teacher of mine.  So Carin thank you for joining us.

[Carin] Happy to be here.

[Lori] What purpose? Why is it important? Why are we getting stuck in this?

[Carin] Yeah but you know right now we're kind of in like an epidemic it seems like everybody wants purpose and there is something the researchers called purpose anxiety like who am I why am I here causes anxiety and I believe that that is in part too because we're thinking of purpose as a noun you know like is my purpose to be a teacher or to be an architect or to be a mom.

I don't see purpose that way. Purpose is a verb or a series of verbs. It's active it's the active way that you uniquely impact the world and begins with the word to — to inspire to build and then you actively do that in all of your roles or nouns.

[Lori] Yeah and you have a model that you have around purpose. Can you share what it is it if you want to uncover that what are the elements of that that could help us to think about what our own purpose is.

[Carin] Yeah so purpose comes down to you know first and foremost really knowing yourself, right. You want to know your to statements. So first is who you are who you be where you shine and that is really your strengths. Your strengths of character which could be Gallup strengths or the VIA survey of character strengths and these are things like creativity or kindness. As opposed to talents which are what you do well right and too many people think of purpose in this category and it's just one piece of it so what you do well like analyzing numbers or coaching people when a lot of people confuse purpose and passions.

The passions is just a piece of your to, and passions are what you love or what really gets you on fire. It could be something you watching the news and there's a topic or cause that really gets you or it could be a couple of different activities that you're passionate about.

And then wisdom this one has not talked about as much, and this is really the aspect of self no one has lived your life and I believe every moment of your life has been for purpose. So you know the good moment your triumphs have really shown you what brings you joy and your strengths or talents and the challenging moments the traumas all have given you some piece of wisdom that's yours to share with your circle of influence.

And so at the sweet spot no one has all four of these.  And so in the sweet spot is really your purpose - your to - I am here to in the world. Then I would just say you want to make sure that it's kept in your values which are really like a guiding light but if you start here and any one of these circles you'll get to your purpose.

[Lori] I love that. So a lot of us to dig in, a lot for us to dig into this month. So head out to Carin's website purposegirl.com and you can download her Living on Purpose guide.  And you can just dive into one of those pieces this month as you live and lead with attention.

Thank you.

[Carin] Thank you.

Authors: Lori Rothstein and Denise Stromme, former Extension educators

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