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Two for You — take two minutes to live and lead with intention

Episode 1.1

In this first episode, we discuss confidence and the idea of failing fast. Fail fast is about taking small risks and actions so you can learn and make changes or ‘pivot’. It's a term that has had much buzz in the tech field.

How could you take a chance and fail fast by trying out something new for your community today?



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[Denise] Hello and welcome to the first episode of Two for You - two minutes for you to live and lead with intention. My name is Denise Stromme and this is my colleague Lori Rothstein and we're educators with the University of Minnesota Extension.

[Lori] On this first episode of Two for You we're going to talk about confidence and the idea of failing fast. So Denise have you ever held yourself back from taking action?

[Denise] Oh yeah

[Lori] Yeah. I think we've all found ourselves doing that right. So I learned this idea failing fast in the book Confidence Code by Katty Kay and Claire Shipman where they took a look at the science and art of self assurance. What they did was dig in to research and they actually tested their own DNA for genetic composition of confidence. And they interviewed women who they thought exuded confidence so that we could all learn some tips and tricks that we might be able to use to do some things to gain more confidence. And they found that what we often do is hold ourselves back and ruminate on our shortcomings and think about the worst-case scenarios when instead we should be taking action and just failing fast.

[Denise] Okay so but what's the importance or the reason for the failing fast?

[Lori] Yeah so failing fast really helps us to test up new ideas and to make quick changes instead up holding back and having bigger failures later on and so instead we have less to lose and we can really kind of cut our losses when we do fail.

[Denise] So, can you give me an example of that?

[Lori] Yeah so recently I was asked to do this radio interview and I was quite nervous and so a friend of mine said, "Lori, fail fast. Just fail fast and give it a try." And so what it helped me do was really just pivot my mind and start thinking about hey it's really not about the perfect message that I might have but it's about getting the message out there.

[Denise] I like that I like that concept of pivoting you're not readjusting everything throwing things out but you're just committing. I like that.

[Lori] Yeah, fail fast really just helps us to adapt and to really leave our comfort zone. So think about that today and going forward. What are some ways that you can fail fast? How can you take small risks that can lead to new possibilities and so you can live and lead with intention. 

Authors: Lori Rothstein and Denise Stromme, former Extension educators

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