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From the Dean: Source Fall 2017

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Bev Durgan, Dean

Fundraising campaign is helping Extension build a stronger Minnesota.

We live in a fast-paced, complex world. Scientific breakthroughs and advances in technology that once took years now happen in days or even hours. Global economics affect which crops Minnesota farmers plant and how the crops are harvested. Schools, nonprofits and community organizations serve people who observe traditions and speak languages new to Minnesota, as well as those who have lived here for generations.

In a time when change seems to be the only constant, where does University of Minnesota Extension fit?

Right where we always have: At the intersection of scientifically sound research and the needs of Minnesota’s families, organizations and communities. For more than 100 years, Extension has been the link that connects University of Minnesota research with the residents and communities in our state. We’re the front door to the University. That will never change.

In Extension, we envision a Minnesota in which strong partnerships, discovery through science and diverse perspectives combine to find smart, creative ways to address 21st-century challenges.

As an organization, we are committed to achieving that vision. But we need your help. Demand for Extension programming is rising along with the cost of producing that programming, and traditional sources of financial support no longer are sufficient. Your investment helps ensure that no matter how much circumstances may change, Extension will be here to help all Minnesotans adapt and thrive.

Minnesotans have already given $7 million toward our campaign goal of $16 million. Will you join us? Donate online or contact Jane Johnson at 612-626-3717 or johns350@umn.edu.

Beverly R. Durgan
Dean, University of Minnesota Extension

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