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4-H clover 4-H Shop-Wood and Metal Project

drawing of a rotary saw

What you'll do

Learn skills wood-workers use, such as measuring, squaring and cutting a board, sanding, drilling, and driving nails. Routers, joiners, table saws, tape measures, drills, sand paper and glue are some of the tools you will use to build projects of your choice.

Levels of learning


Fairs and exhibits


Future study and careers

Woodworkers, iron workers and sheet metal workers learn on the job or through apprenticeships. You might also study art at the University of Minnesota if you wanted to use these materials to make art.

Woodworkers make cabinets and furniture, sometimes using computers. Iron workers put large metal beams together to make new buildings. Sheet metal workers make or put together thin metal sheets, such as for heating and air conditioning ducts.

Reviewed in 2018

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