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Seeding grasses with alfalfa

Quick facts

Benefits of seeding grass with alfalfa

  • Higher yields with faster drying times.

  • More persistent crop through the winter.

  • Weed and erosion control.

  • Grasses have more digestible fiber than alfalfa.

Seeding grass with alfalfa can boost yield and drying rate while keeping animals healthy. 

Managing tips

  • Only keep stands three to four years.

  • Don’t overseed competitive grasses.

  • Broadcast seed perennial forages and drill small grains and Italian/annual ryegrass.

  • Monitor soil potassium levels.

Reasons to seed grass with alfalfa


Managing alfalfa-grass mixes

Proper management of alfalfa-grass mixes can ensure that the crop will remain profitable for the duration of its growing time. 


Grasses to seed with alfalfa in Minnesota

Choosing the right grass seed to mix with alfalfa is important when trying to maximize inputs. 


Paul Peterson, former Extension forage agronomist

Reviewed in 2018

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