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4-H clover So you want to be an independent 4-H member?

Becoming an Independent Member

What is an independent member?

An independent member is a 4-H member who is not a part of a local 4-H Club, but continues to learn and lead in the 4-H program through the mentoring of a caring adult or volunteer.

Who can be an independent member?

To be an independent member, it is recommended that you be in 6th grade or above and have two years of 4-H club experience. Prior 4-H club or group experience helps ensure a basic understanding of 4-H, connections to peers and adults and certain skills built in to the group and club experience.

Are their other requirements?

Independent members begin their enrollment the same way that club members do, but they must also complete a independent member process that designed to strengthen the partnership between the independent 4-H member and their mentor.

Volunteer forms

Youth forms

Yearly progress form

Independent members are encouraged to participate in county wide events, fundraising and will hold shifts at the 4-H Food Stand during the County Fair just like other 4-H Clubs.

Who can I contact if I have questions?

Gwen Swenson, one of our volunteers is available to assist and work with Independent members and be a main point of contact.
Gwen can be reached by email at: lovesfairs4Htoo@gmail.com or by phone at: 651-348-0497

If you have further questions that she cannot answer, contact the Extension Office.

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