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4-H clover Questions for First Generation 4-H Families

1. How do we find out when we need to be there for judging? Look on the cover of the premium book, there is a fair schedule there.

2. When is judging? Static (non-livestock) judging is on Tuesday of County Fair week, from 1:30-7:30pm. When everyone gets to the fair, they should first go to the 4-H Fair Office (4-H Exhibit Building, look for the big sign). At the office we will give you a "fair packet". This has exhibit cards in it, etc. Take the exhibit cards and attach them to each project. Kelly can point you in the right direction of where you need to go to get judged.

3. Do I need to bring anything to Static Judging Day other than my project? (For example, if we followed instructions when making a craft should we bring the instructions?) If you want to include a picture of the youth working on the project, that would be neat, other than that, it's up to each individual. The clover bud age group really doesn't need to bring anything extra. As they get older the judges will like to see 3-ring binders of the project-making "process" and/or recipes (for food projects) included.

4. How long should we expect to be at Static Judging Day? It depends on how many projects each person has. Plan for about 15 min per project: 5-10 min of talking with the judge and 5-10 minutes of waiting in line (depending on the project and how many people are there at that moment).

5. Is there a cost to get in the fair, if so how much and do we need to pay when working the 4-H Food Stand and/or for the judging? There is no cost to get into the fair or for parking on Tuesday. There is a cost for parking on Wed-Sun. Or you can park outside of the fairgrounds (if you can find a spot) and walk into the fairgrounds for free.

6. What building is the Static Judging in? See #2…There are two non-livestock (static) project exhibit buildings. They are right next to each other. The first is the same building that the 4-H Fair Office is in.

7. Where is the 4-H Food Stand located? The 4-H Food Stand is behind the static exhibit buildings. There is a clover on each end of the building. Please wear closed toe shoes and put long hair up.

8. Do we need to have representatives attend judging for our club booth, banner or community pride project? Yes. There should be someone or multiple people (if possible) to talk to the judge and explain the project(s). We send out a schedule and letter for the booth, banner and comm. pride prior to the county fair. If the time doesn't work you can (try to) switch with someone else.

9. When are the judging results available? Cloverbud youth will get a participation ribbon before they leave the judge. Everyone else should get a blue, red or white ribbon before they leave the judge but the grand champion, reserve and honorable mentions are decided after everyone has been judged.

If anyone has any additional questions, please contact your Club Leader or the Extension Office at 507- 725-5807 or mnext-houston@umn.edu.

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