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4-H clover Lexi W’s. Experience at the 4-H Outdoor Skills Day

I greatly enjoyed the 4-H Outdoor Skills Day.

We started with tree identification, and we learned a lot about the different types of trees and their uses. Next, we split up into the older group, (which was the one I was in,) and the younger group. The older group went to Fire Building first. We built fires out of candy, then went outside and examined how a real fire was built. After that, we drank hot chocolate and ate out candy fires around an open fire. (Yes, a real one this time.)

Soon, it was our time to switch with the younger group. We went to Orientation and the younger group went to Fire Building. Orienteering was very fun, and I seemed to be okay at it. We set out compasses to different degrees, and went a certain number of feet, (our instructor told us how far to go,) to find something. (That something turned out to be crackers and marshmallows. Yum!) Now, it was close to over. I had a lot of fun.

Just one more thing to go now. (Are you wondering what? Well, if you are, you won’t have to wonder very long.) All the people, (all seven of us,) went outside again to go on a nature hike. We walked on the trail, some of us saying, “Ah! Ah! Ah!” In a monotone voice every few steps because they were breaking through the snow. (That “some of us” would be me.) The others gaily skipped through the snow looking for dinosaurs. (Oh? I never told you we were looking for dinosaurs? Well, we are. Sorry! Don’t worry! They’re not real.) We were very very very bad at seeing dino’s, (that very very very bad would be mostly me,) so our instructors had to point the first few out to us. We got farther along the trail, and of course, I was the only person without a dino. (Told you.) I soon saw a dino, (whew!,) and grabbed it. Thankfully, they had calculated just right, and there were enough dino’s for everyone.

We got back to the lodge and filled out a survey. (The person who read mine probably laughed.) Then we left. It was a lot easier finding our way OUT of there, rather than INTO there. (That’s a story for another day.) I hope you liked my paragraph! (No, literally, this was supposed to be a paragraph.) Goodbye!

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