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4-H clover Lac qui Parle County Club Charter Dynamics

All Club Leaders received the 2021-2022 Club Charters.  This is an annual document that needs to be filled out, presented to the clubs, voted on and approved, and then signed by officers.  Then it is turned in to the office.  The club budget that is presented to the club should be made by the club youth and adult treasurers, a club leader and the president.  Then it needs to be brought to the club for approval.  All new club officers that sign the charter MUST be enrolled in 4-H Online for the new 4-H year.  The new leaders (which need to be shared among new adults each year) and adult treasurers must be screened volunteers.  All of these points are necessary for the club charters to be approved.  Each club at the time of the chartering must have a minimum of 3 families and 6 members.  The goal for each club is to gain 4 new members.  This is a priority of everyone to make this happen.  Don't be at the minimum, always strive for more.  It is up to the clubs to invite, ask, and seek out new families - ask friends, families, neighbors, classmates - reach out and tell them that 4-H isn't just about livestock or working the foodstand - it's learning about a wide variety of topics and having many opportunities at the local, regional, state and national level.  It's leadership, mentoring and reaching out into the communities.  It's gaining a variety of skills that will last a lifetime and it's FUN!

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