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4-H clover Invest in Anoka County 4-H youth

To support Anoka County 4-H with your generosity you can donate to 4-H anytime online! Last year, Anoka County 4-H reached over 4,040 youth and over 7,000 program contacts through community clubs, afterschool programs, camps, youth teaching youth programs and other learning experiences.

We know that every 4-H volunteer makes a tremendous investment of their time and talent each year. If you'd like to add a financial gift to your generous contributions, we would truly appreciate the support! 

Your support will enable youth of all beliefs and backgrounds, empowering them to create positive change in our community.  All donations are tax-deductible and can be made in a variety of ways- one time, monthly, employer matching gifts, through check or credit card, etc. 

Why give

Anoka County 4-H’s goal is to have a robust legacy fund which will allow us to not rely on fundraisers for the income needed to operate Anoka 4-H programs.  We believe staff and volunteer time is best invested in project learning and leadership rather than fundraising.  Increased financial support will also enable our programs to grow and thrive to respond to community and youth needs.

Give where you live 

100% of your gift goes to our local program.  No fees for you or for our program. There are three ways to support Anoka County 4-H online…not just today, but 365 days a year!

Anoka County 4-H Program Fund– These gifts are made available for program use right away!  Let us know in the comment section if you want your gift to support a specific program.   

Anoka County 4-H Legacy Fund – Choosing this fund means you are investing in the long term financial success of our program.  Legacy Funds are quasi-endowments held by the University of Minnesota Foundation (UMF). These long-term investments ensure local 4-H programs remain strong for future generations.

Anoka County 4-H Horse Endowment – Donating here supports the Amber Boyd Memorial Scholarship fund which provides a scholarship to one horse project member each year. 

Frequently Asked Questions 

What’s a quasi-endowment? Dollars are invested for long-term growth, and a portion of investment income—4.5% each year—is returned to the local 4-H program. UMF investments perform well. To guard against inflation, investment income beyond the 4.5% is added back to principal to maintain spending power in perpetuity.

Can 4-H access more than 4.5%? Yes. Local programs can request up to 20% of their fund’s total balance for unique/special projects.

Can anyone "take" dollars from Legacy Funds? Gifts are 100% dedicated to the county donors give to. Spending is controlled locally by each county’s 4-H Federation or Leaders’ Council, and dollars cannot be used for any other purpose.

Who gives to Legacy Funds? Many families and individuals who believe in 4-H and understand how it impacts their community are donors to 4-H Legacy Funds. Donors leave a legacy in their community that lives on for generations through 4-H.

Cash gifts 

To mail a gift, download the form.

Other ways to give 

• IRA charitable rollover
• Gifts that provide income to the donor: annuities and trusts
• Retirement assets: name your local 4-H program as a beneficiary of retirement assets
• Endowment gifts
• Securities (stock)
• Real estate and other property
• Bequests: gifts to 4-H through a will or trust
• Donor-advised funds: gifts to 4-H through a donor-advised fund

Contact a 4-H Gift Officer 

Brad Starbuck, 573-289-0404 (cell) or bstarbuc@umn.edu

Anoka County 4-H office at 763-324-3495 mnext-anoka@umn.edu or Anna Gilbertson at annag@umn.edu.

Thank you for supporting 4-H!

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