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4-H clover Houston County Supreme Showmanship Contest

Supreme Showmanship Contest Show Guidelines

  • There will be one person participating from each of the following animal species: Beef, Dairy Steer, Dairy, Dairy Goat, Meat Goat, Horses, Poultry, Rabbits, Sheep, and Swine.
  • The Champion Senior showman from each species will be eligible to participate and must provide/line-up ten (10) animals for the show. Horses will only need 2 animals. There will be one “Beef” class and one “Goat” class but 2 participants from each. Those youth should work together to provide animals. If the Champion Senior Showman declines or fails to provide animals, they are not eligible to participate and the opportunity will be given to the Reserve Champion. If both youth decline, there will be an empty spot in the program.
  • If someone is eligible to participate in two species, they may only accept to participate in one species.
  • Each 4-Her may only participate in the contest until they receive the title of Supreme Showman. Therefore, each 4-Her may only receive the title of champion once.
  • For safety reasons, all participants should wear pants and no open toed shoes are allowed. Exhibitors will receive a new back number and should wear their typical show outfit for their specific species.
  • All species except for Horse will be shown as a standard showmanship class. Since we are on a tight schedule, we ask for these classes to be “short and sweet”.
  • Swine will be judged first in the Pavilion.  The remaining species will be in Krech Arena.
  •  Each exhibitor will be allowed to show the sheep with or without a halter. However, using the halter will automatically result in a loss of two points.
  • There will be two scores for each species – a showmanship and a question score. Showmanship will be scored on a scale of 1 to 10. The questions will be worth 1 point each.
  • Tie-breaker: In the case of a tie, the questions score will determine the winner. If there is still a tie, there will be a show-off with the animals they both scored the lowest on. The Supreme Showmanship Committee will have the final say.
  • All Senior Champions wishing to participate in the contest must sign up outside the 4-H Fair Office by Saturday at 10:00 am during the County Fair or they forfeit the right to participate and the Reserve Champion winner will be given the chance to participate. If neither champion chooses to participate, the specie will not be represented at the contest. 
  • The Champion Winner of the Supreme Showmanship Contest will be expected to come back the next year to be the Announcer for the contest. 
  • Contest will be held Saturday during the Houston County Fair at 5:00 pm in Krech Arena.




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