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4-H clover Houston County 4-H Fashion Revue


Houston County 4-H Fashion Revue

Learning Involved:
  • Demonstrates knowledge of the decision making process in the selection of the outfit in relation to fiber, fabrics, design, construction, and fit.

  • Understands the use of how the outfit fits into their wardrobe plan.

  • Understands how the choice of the outfit reflects wise use of resources for intended purpose.

  • Can explain how the selection of outfit fits into clothing budget.

  • Understands how choice of accessories relate to style, color, and texture of garment.

Workmanship & Techniques of Project:
  • First impression of total look

  • Individual

    • Posture (natural movement)

    • Poise

      • Presents outfit with pride

      • Relaxed

      • At ease with others

    • Grooming

      • Neat, appropriate to age

      • Hair well cared for, becoming style

      • Cosmetics, if used are becoming and natural looking

General Appearance and Design:

  • Overall workmanship

    • Methods appropriate to style and fabric

    • Grain line maintained

    • Darts and seam line correctly located

    • Pressing – garment pressed smoothly without changing fabric surface

  • Fit is attractive and comfortable, sized for style and body type

  • Design, fabric, trim and color express individual personality and are suitable for size, body build and age.


  • Fashion Revue is planned for 4-H members who wish to model a garment they have made or purchased which is needed in their wardrobe.

  • Participants may model any clothing they have constructed, restyled or purchased as a part of their 4-H Clothing Project.

  • Purchased and constructed garments will be evaluated according to similar criteria including first impression; individual poise, posture and grooming; the outfit on the individual (design, color, fit, accessories, workmanship, etc.); and the intended purpose.

  • The judging process should be constructed to allow the 4-H’ers the opportunity to:

  • Build self-confidence and pose by developing an understanding of “self” which aids in the selection and making of clothing that is becoming and expressive of one’s personality.

  • Develop skills in planning, selecting, and making becoming clothing for different occasions.

  • Select suitable and becoming accessories and model with confidence a garment made to meet one’s wardrobe needs.

  • Develop good posture and grooming habits.

  • Acquire knowledge and skills in planning, presenting, and participating in Fashion Revue.

  • Practice leadership skills and roles, take part in community affairs and demonstrate citizenship responsibility.

  • Explore career, job and productive leisure opportunities.

  • Develop skills, knowledge and attitudes for lifelong use.

Project Ideas
  • Modeling workshops

  • Personal color analysis

  • Hair and makeup assessment for facial and body type

  • Accessory enhancement to outfits

  • Selection of outfit for occasion

  • Wardrobe analysis

  • Design, color, fabric choices for your size, age, and body type

  • Alteration of garments

  • Alteration and fit of garment

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