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4-H clover 4-H Herdsmanship Score Sheets

Houston County 4-H Herdsmanship 2023 Score Sheets

Purpose of Herdsmanship:

Herdsmanship is important to the public image of agriculture, your club, and your family! Herdsmanship helps 4-H youth learn skills in making a presentable exhibit for the public as well as learn skills in courtesy, cooperation, neatness and proper care of animals. Thank you for all your hard work, dedication and commitment to making the Houston County Fair a success! Let’s make 2023 the best year yet!

Notes about Herdsmanship:

  1. Judging will take place on Thursday, Friday, and Saturday between 9 am and 9 pm by one or two qualified individuals.
  2. On show day no herdsmanship judging will take place, starting two hours before until one hour after the show.
  3. Herdsmanship awards will be handed out on Sunday after the Supreme Showmanship contest.
  4. All ties will be broken by the Livestock Superintendents and/or Herdsmanship Judge(s).
  5. Clubs: Champion Herdsmanship winners are encouraged to bring their banner award back the following year to show to the public!
  6. Extra ribbon stickers are available at the 4-H Fair Office to hang on signs in replace of actual ribbons, if interested.
  7. Score sheets will be returned to club leaders after the county fair. Clubs should think about how to improve in areas where points have been deducted. 


Herdsmanship Judges: For each species issue allotted points in the sideline for quality of job done. Clubs that do not have any exhibits in that species place a big X across the species. It is important that you locate all clubs’ animals. Please leave notes when deducting points so the clubs/individuals can learn to improve the following year.

Species: (circle one)

Beef        Dairy        Goat         Horse         Rabbit          Poultry       Sheep         Swine  


__________ (2 pts) ______ 1. Bedding clean and dry

__________ (1 pt)   ______ 2. Amount of Bedding is adequate

__________ (1 pt)   ______ 3. Animal pen fastened securely

__________ (2 pts) ______ 4. Feed pans clean and removed when not in use

__________ (1 pt)   ______ 5. Water pans clean with adequate water and secured tightly

__________ (2 pts) ______ 6. Manure hauled out and disposed of properly

__________ (2 pts) ______ 7. Walk ways clear of items and raked or swept

__________ (1 pt)   ______ 8. Feed and equipment neatly arranged

__________ (3 pts) ______ 9. 4-H stall cards completely filled out, including weights for market animals, and displayed

__________ (1 pt)   ______ 10. Ribbon or ribbon sticker displayed on stall or stall card (after show)

__________ (2 pts) ______ 11. Animals are clean in appearance

__________ (1 pt)   ______ 12. Club sign displayed

__________ (2 pts) ______ 13. Club stall section includes an educational component

__________ (2 pts) ______ 14. Decorations are respectful and tasteful

__________________ 15. Conduct of exhibitors is taken into consideration

                                                          a. Deduct 5 points for any of the following:  -

blaring radio, excessive horseplay, running in the barns, water   fights, rude behavior to the public (please note behavior in comments)

                                                          b. Add 1 bonus point for any of the following:   

-observing positive conduct by 4-Hers,  Educational display incorporated into exhibit

____________________ TOTAL POINTS


If tied with another club:

CLUB______________________ TIME of Judging ________________DATE of Judging ______________

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