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4-H clover 4-H Exhibitor Judging Tips

1. Be EXCITED about your project!

2. The 4-H judge wants to hear ALL about your project…

  • How you selected this project? 
  • What you used as resources or information sources?
  •  Who helped you with the project?
  •  Materials, cost and time spent on the project?
  • Talk about your project start to finish.
  • What did you LEARN?
  •  What were the challenges or hardest part of the project?

3. Consider the deep thought provoking questions as a result of your project…

  • What did you learn about yourself by completing this project?
  • What did you learn that will help you in everyday life in the future?

4. Be careful not to use too much text on a poster…

  • Use bullet points
  • Only have 1 to 3 sentences per photo caption

5. If you are creating a poster and want to share more text or photos – consider adding a notebook which accompanies the poster. (exhibitors can have a poster and a notebook to explain one project)

6. Photos of YOU (4-Her) doing the project – Step by Step – in a poster or notebook is FANTASTIC!

7. When possible add 3-D objects to the exhibit.

8. On the poster or notebook always include your top 2 or 3 resources or references for the project. (books, publications, web sites, people or offices, etc.)

9. Be prepared to tell your story about your project with the judge – they want to hear all about it! For more tips and information about 4-H judging tips contact your County Extension Office and 4-H Program Coordinator or adult 4-H volunteer.

PREPARED BY: Gary Wyatt, Extension Educator, Agroforestry (wyatt@umn.edu) REVIEWED BY: Tammy Lorch, Extension Educator, Youth Development (lorch003@umn.edu)

Revised July 2015

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