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Household insects

Ants, cockroaches, pantry pests, wasps, flies and the dreaded bed bug -- all these and more can plague your household. Find out how to identify, prevent and control the ones that can do harm, and how to tolerate the ones that do good.

Ants, bugs and cockroaches

Insects that eat wood, live in walls and crawl spaces and generally infest places where people live. Some are just nuisances, others can cause real damage.


Flying insects

Flies, moths, wasps and hornets are just some of the insects that can be found flying inside and close to the home. Not including insects that do not have obvious wings or only have them when mating, such as carpenter ants.


Nuisance insects

Some insects enter homes in the fall to stay over the winter. Others infest packaged foods or hide out in closets eating our sweaters. They may seem intolerable, and some can damage food and materials, but they are generally just nuisances.

Here are some strategies to keep them from getting in your home and how to deal with them if they do get in.

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