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Nitrogen metabolism inhibitor herbicides

VI. Nitrogen metabolism inhibitors (SOA 10)

The nitrogen metabolism inhibitors include the phosphorylated amino acid family herbicides. The herbicide, glufosinate, is included in this family.

  • Glufosinate (Liberty) is a broadspectrum postemergence contact herbicide that has no soil activity.
  • Glufosinate inhibits the activity of the glutamine synthetase enzyme that is necessary for the plant to convert ammonia into other nitrogen compounds.
  • Glufosinate has limited translocation, so uniform leaf coverage and application over small weeds generally provides the best performance.
  • Glufosinate application during active growing conditions, including bright sunny days, high relative humidity and warm temperatures (between 65 and 85°F), improves weed efficacy.
CAUTION: Mention of a pesticide or use of a pesticide label is for educational purposes only. Always follow the pesticide label directions attached to the pesticide container you are using. Be sure that the area you wish to treat is listed on the label of the pesticide you intend to use. Remember, the label is the law.

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