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Customizing the toolkit for your state

Templates are available to customize the Recovery After Disaster toolkit. Using these templates allow you to:

  • Showcase your state's specific disaster recovery resources.
  • Add more disaster recovery information as needed.

Available templates

Unit 9: Disaster recovery resources for families table of contents

This table of contents template allows you to:

  • Customize the name (state) of your resource list.
  • List other resources that you are including at the end of Unit 9.

Download: Unit 9: Disaster recovery resources for families table of contents template

Replacing important papers

This template allows you to update three sections for your specific part of the country:

  • Birth and death certificates.
  • Driver licenses or state ID cards.
  • Income tax returns.

Research the contact information for your state and other states near your state. Adapt the template to include the needed information.

Download: Replacing important papers template

Disaster recovery resources for X (state) families

This template allows you to add more resources available to your state. Use the existing categories from the national list or create your own.

Download: Disaster recovery resources for X (state) families template

Tips for using the templates

Fill in the areas that say “Add...” These are the sections that need customization.

Use the font that is used for the “Add...” It will allow your new text to match the existing text. The font used in this version of the document is as follows*:

  • Headers and sub-heads: Arial
  • Body: Lucida Bright

Use the spacing style that has been established between lines, paragraphs, and sections. This will ensure you match the style used in the larger toolkit document.

To add new lines or sections, copy and paste from other sections so that you match the established font and spacing.

To print the toolkit, swap out the following for the customized versions you created.

  • Unit 9: Table of contents (page 169)
  • Replacing your important papers (pages 171–173)

Add any resources you added to the very end of the toolkit.

Add a sticker to the front of the toolkit to:

  • Credit your agency with the distribution.
  • Provide agency contact information so people can get more help if needed.

Please note that the font styles used in the templates is slightly different than the actual toolkit document. The larger toolkit uses the following font styles:

  • Headers and sub-heads: Helvetica Neue
  • Body: Glypha

To maximize ease, we have converted the fonts on these templates to more easily accessible font styles. Helvetica Neue in particular is often only available by paid subscription.

Tips for adding the toolkit to your website

If you are linking the complete toolkit to your website, do the following:

  • Link to the special PDF that has units 1–8 of the toolkit found here: Recover After Disaster non-state specific toolkit units 1-8 (PDF).
  • Convert your customized docs into PDFs. Do the same for any resources that you want to add to the end of the toolkit.
  • Merge your PDFs with the PDF for the existing National disaster recovery resources for families (PDF) in the following order:


    • Unit 9: Disaster recovery resources table of contents
    • Replacing important papers
    • National disaster recovery resources for families
    • Disaster recovery resources for X (state) families
    • Your additional resources
  • Add a link for this new Unit 9 PDF to your website, in addition to the existing PDF for units 1-8.

Reviewed in 2023

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