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Lost Coyote Cattle Farms

Dustin Cavallin’s grandpa Gary owned the farm before Dustin and his wife, Meghan, took it over. Gary had beef cattle, dairy cows for the family’s milk needs, a vegetable garden, raspberries, grapes, blueberries and fruit trees over the years. The barn was built in 1934 and a house was built in the ’40s which has been added to over time. All garden goods were canned and stored in a root cellar along with root vegetables.

Dustin purchased the farm in August 2019. The farm is now home to 15 head of cattle, two horses, and about 20 chickens for egg production. They raise feeder pigs during the summer months as well as about 30 birds for meat production. Eight Guinea keets roam the farm for insect control. The farm continues to host productive raspberry and blueberry plants, grape vines and fruit trees. Meghan and Dustin still use the root cellar for root vegetables and canned goods. The couple started making their own maple syrup this year.

The Cavallins avoid the use of chemicals on their farm and all animal manure goes back on their land. At year’s end, all their garden plants are fed to their chickens, pigs and cattle. Lost Coyote Cattle Farm has doubled in size over the past year.

Dustin and Meghan do a lot of the work on the farm by themselves, but they have family, friends and fellow farmers that lend a hand. Dustin’s parents, Jeff and Amy Cavallin, along with Meghan’s parents, Frank and Sarah Selhorst, are always happy to provide help wherever it is needed.

Meghan and Dustin sell beef, pork, and eggs to friends and families in the community and hope to start selling their produce at the local farmers market in the future. Meghan is a 4-H volunteer in Lake County.

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