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Cass County Farm Family

Teune Farms, Inc.

John and Lottie Teune both grew up on family farms in southwest Minnesota and started their own near Pipestone in 1970. Ten years later, the growing family moved to the Pine River area of Cass County in north-central Minnesota. In 1981 they purchased what started the Teune Farm of today. Over the years, John, Lottie and their four children raised sheep, quarter horses, and pigs, and operated a dairy farm. In 1987, the Teunes opened Alternative Feeds where John shared his nutritional knowledge with other area farmers offering custom feed rations, fertilizer and vet supplies. 

Over the years, the farm continued to change and grow, offering custom feeding for dairy heifers, and expanding in acres for both cattle and cropland. The cattle gradually changed from dairy to beef with now the farm mostly raising their own beef cattle with a cow/calf operation and finishing cattle. They grow most of their own grain and forage including corn, soybeans and alfalfa. They continue to use the former feed store mill to house and grind their own grain.

John and Lottie’s youngest daughter Nicole and her husband Jon Johnson are raising their three children, Addy, Colton, and Remi on the farm and plan to become the next generations of the family to operate the farm.

Conservation is important to the families, so they work with their local watershed and the local Soil Conservation Service office to improve their conservation efforts on the farm.

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