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Chuck and Donna Remick

The Remick farm began in 1935 when Donna’s grandparents, Michael Demitry and Lena Pelecacz-Wasnick, purchased 80 acres of land. Potatoes were grown in what is currently wetlands in the back of the property. The section that is now an orchard and vineyard produced hay for the farm animals.

The Remicks’ current farm is owned and operated by Chuck and Donna Remick, their son, Bryce, and three grandchildren. They have more than five acres planted with apple, cherry, and plum trees. The apple orchard contains trail walks for viewing wildlife and rare plants. In addition, the family grows two acres of Minnesota-hardy grapes along with fruits and vegetables that include blueberries, raspberries and asparagus. All the grapes grown on the farm are used in wine, jams, jellies, juice, and for snacking.

The Remicks’ vineyard is Heritage Farm. Each row of grapes has a bottle of wine created with a label honoring a different family member. The purpose of the Heritage farm is to honor the past, present and future. The Remicks learned that Lena immigrated from Ukraine with her children with what was thought to be Concord grape seeds sewn into the hem of her apron.

The Remicks believe in good land stewardship, use an integrated pest management system and closely follow protocols that are environmentally responsible and promote sustainable farming. The family grows many University of Minnesota-developed fruits on their farm and has an interest in the university’s research on organic farming in colder climates. The Remicks participate in the Minnesota Grown program and are members of the Minnesota Apple Growers Association.

The Remicks’ farm is home to a special “wishing tree” where donations are used to raise funds for kids in need of special medical help.

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