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Twin Valley nursing home closure

Key findings

  • Health care is an important component of Norman County’s economy. The industry is the third largest (in terms of employment) in the county. Nursing and residential care employed nearly 10 percent of the county’s workers, which is three times the percent in Minnesota.
  • The closure of the Twin Valley Living Center will have implications for the local economy. The loss of 58 jobs at the nursing home will affect an estimated 66 jobs in Norman County. Output in Norman County will decrease by an estimated $5.3 million, including $2.5 million in lost labor income.
  • Beyond the living center, major industries affected by the closure include the housing market, financial investments, and wholesale trade.

About this report

On September 19, the Twin Valley Living Center announced the closure of its facility in Twin Valley, Minnesota. The closure will lay off 58 employees. The facility in Twin Valley will officially close on November 21, 2018.1

The home’s closing has implications for Twin Valley’s economy. The loss of an employer affects not only those at the nursing home, but also many community members. To respond to this economic change, decision makers in Twin Valley and Norman County need information about the potential economic impact of the Twin Valley Living Center closure.

University of Minnesota Extension prepared this economic emergency report in partnership with the federally-funded Economic Development Administration (EDA) Center at the University of Minnesota-Crookston.

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Author: Brigid Tuck, Extension senior economic impact analyst

Reviewed in 2018

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