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Economic contribution of Beacon Bluff Business Center

Key findings

  • In 2017, Beacon Bluff Business Center generated an estimated $119.9 million in economic activity, including $60.8 million of labor income. 
  • Industries most affected included food service and drinking places, administrative support services and professional and business services.  
  • The Center's planned expansion will generate an estimated $212.6 million of economic activity in 2022 and an estimated $235.1 million of economic activity in 2027. 

About this report

The Saint Paul Port Authority’s mission is to “create quality job opportunities, expand the tax base, and advance sustainable development” in Saint Paul. As part of this mission, the Authority has worked with public and private partners to redevelop the Beacon Bluff Business Center. By redeveloping the site, the Saint Paul Port Authority has helped create economic activity in Saint Paul. Businesses located in the Center bring jobs, sales, labor income and tax value to Saint Paul. An analysis performed by University of Minnesota Extension quantifies this activity in Ramsey County.

At the end of 2017, the Beacon Bluff Business Center was home to seven businesses with 615 employees. The businesses included manufacturing, health care, wholesale trade and other similar industries. The Saint Paul Port Authority also has several businesses with signed purchase agreements. These businesses are anticipated to occupy the Center within the next few years, thus this analysis examines the Center’s potential contribution in five and 10 years.

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Authors: Brigid Tuck, Extension, senior economic analyst; Situ Chitrakar, Extension, community economics intern

Reviewed in 2018

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