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Stewardship guide for Leech Lake lands

The Anishinaabe world view is that humans did not weave the web of life; rather we are merely a strand in the web of life.

Stewardship cover

The purpose of Stewardship guide for Leech Lake lands is to provide information about the services offered by the Leech Lake Division of Resource Management and University of Minnesota Extension. These resources are available to Band members and others living and working on the Leech Lake Reservation, and provide information that can protect the quality and safety of our homes and natural resources.

Download "Stewardship guide for Leech Lake lands"

What you'll learn: table of contents

  1. Manaajitoon Aki (respect the earth)
  2. Gaa-Zagaskwajimekaag (Leech Lake)
  3. Managing Indian lands
  4. A will protects inheritance
  5. Protecting cultural properties
  6. Everyone lives in a watershed
  7. Risks of a failing septic system
  8. Maintaining your system
  9. What is a rain barrel?
  10. Nibi (water)
  11. How do I disinfect my well?
  12. Indoor air quality
  13. Silent but deadly: radon
  14. We want your burner
  15. Transfer station Leech Lake
  16. Firewise
  17. Waabashkikiiwan (wetlands)
  18. Why does my lake have algae?
  19. Swimmer’s itch
  20. The emerald ash borer in Minnesota
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