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Farmbytes: DIY poultry feeder

Make the right equipment for your poultry operation!

Learn how to build your own poultry feeder, including the differences between traditional and alternative feeders.

  • Making your own feeder can save money and allows you to feed your poultry with the right size feeder for your birds and facility
  • Feeding poultry correctly and with the right equipment is important. The additional resources provide additional information on feeding poultry (both pasture based and feed based) and provide equipment recommendations.

How to build a poultry feeder


Continue learning

Poultry your way

This guide from Minnesota Institute for Sustainable Agriculture (MISA) has information on goal setting, marketing, processing, management alternatives, farm profiles and additional resources. Chapter five, on management, may be of most interest to you.

Poultry equipment for alternative production

This publication has equipment recommendations for waterers, feeders, fencing, and more. From ATTRA.

Pastured poultry nutrition and forages

This publication discusses the advantages forages provide, their impacts on meat and egg quality, and more. From ATTRA.

Jake Overgaard, Extension educator and Wayne Martin, Extension educator

Reviewed in 2015

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