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Wood ticks


With spring just around the corner, it is time to get outside and enjoy the aspects of NE MN and all it has to offer. With spring also comes tick season. In our home we have already found some on our dog, who during his walk, explored the woods and tall standing grassy areas. These are often the areas that the ticks inhabit, waiting for their opportunity to attach to a host.

Ticks are a pest that we need to be aware of especially due to the diseases that they carry, most commonly, Lyme Disease. Others such as, Anaplasmosis, Babesiosis and Powassan encephalitis are most concerning for you and your family. You should also use caution with your pets, not only for their health and safety, but also so they don't transport ticks inside for your exposure.

For more information on this topic, please visit the ticks page.

Enjoy the nice weather and be safe!

Troy Salzer

Extension Educator

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