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4-H clover Tips for Conference Judging

Judging is based on what you know, as well as the quality of the project exhibit created.  Here are some helpful hints to help you prepare for the 4-H Judging Events:

During the Conference Judging:
* Always look at the judge when she/he is talking to you or you are talking to them
* RELAX - you are telling them about what you have done!
* Be polite
* Smile
* Have fun!

Possible Questions during the Conference Judging:
* How many years have you been enrolled in this project?
* How did you get interested in this project area?
* What was your favorite part of making this project?
* What kinds of exhibits or projects have you made in the past?
* What skills did you learn that were new to you!
* Did someone assist you with this project?  Who?  How?
* If you could make this project again, what would you do differently?
* How do you see using the knowledge you have gained from doing this project as you get older?
* What do you plan to do next year?

Determining Ribbon Placing:
* White (Fair):  4-H'er is not able to explain project of how they did it.  Exhibit and 4-H'ers knowledge is below expectations.
* Red (Average):  4-H'er knows information but doesn't explain very well.  Exhibit is acceptable quality.
* Blue (Good):  4-H'er knows and explains accurately the project and knowledge.  Exhibit is of high quality.
*Purple (Champion & Reserve Champion):  4-H'er goes beyond project emphasis and personal goals.  Exhibit is of exceptional quality.

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