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4-H clover Recruit new people to be part of your 4-H club!

Now is the time to talk to people about joining 4-H!  Think about family members, neighbors, friends, someone you think would be a great asset to your club!  Think about inviting that new person to check out all 4-H can offer and how great your club can be!  Have an open house or a fun event - be creative to show what you all can do in 4-H.  Invite by phone, by an official invitation, talk to them in person, or ask if you can come by and pick them up to come to the next meeting.  It's that easy to ask someone to join 4-H!  Think about the fun you have, all that you can learn and achieve.  Let's make our 4-H clubs grow - each club is asked to grow by 3-4 new people this 4-H year!  Let's see what you can do!

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