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4-H clover Olmsted County Shooting Sports & Wildlife

Interested in the Shooting Sports & Wildlife Project? Mark your calendars for some upcoming opportunities in 2023. 

The grade listed in the disciplines below should be the grade the youth is currently in/just finished.


Discipline Information

Learn more about all the opportunities in the 4-H Shooting Sports & Wildlife Project!


General Information

Showcase your learning: 

Youth can compete and showcase their learning at the Minnesota 4-H Shooting Sports and Wildlife Invitational (State Shoot). This is an option for youth in 3rd grade and older.

Youth interested in wildlife education can participate in the 4-H Wildlife Habitat Education Program (WHEP). 4-H WHEP is a hands-on environmental education program dedicated to teaching wildlife and fisheries habitat management to youth. It provides participants in grades 3-13 an opportunity to test their wildlife knowledge in a friendly competition in teams of 3-4 of similarly aged individuals. The winning senior WHEP team (14-19 years old) will attend the annual National WHEP Contest, typically held the last full week of July. You can learn more on the MN 4-H Website

We need adult volunteers to support the growth of our programs:

In order to grow, we need additional 4-H instructors.  You can read about what that would entail below.

Time required: You will attend discipline training (valid for 7 years), 2-3 planning meetings annually with other instructors and 4-H staff, and practices, which you will also facilitate. 


  • Instruct and coach youth in a specific discipline using the National 4-H curriculum as provided to allow them to improve their skills
  • Plan activities with the county Shooting Sports Project Development Committee, Coordinator, and 4-H Staff
  • Help in recruitment of assistant instructors as needed, as well as members and parents
  • Encourage and support youth to improve practice, track progress records, and show their learning in public ways.

Preparation and training:

  • Be a screened 4-H Volunteer
  • Attend a 4-H Shooting Sports Certification Training. While range time is on the schedule, the majority of this training is classroom work focused on becoming an effective instructor (not practicing your own shooting skills). Once you have attended training, your certification is valid for 7 years and allows you to be a leader at our 4-H practices (and assist in practices for other disciplines if you are interested). 

Visit the SS&W Leader Certification Page for event information.

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