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4-H clover Itasca County 4-H Program Offerings

Itasca County’s 4-H Program offers a variety of ways for youth to be involved. Youth have the opportunity to choose based on their interests and age. Youth may also choose to participate in 4-H in more than one program area. Below are the descriptions of the seven main 4-H programs in Itasca County.

  1. 4-H Community Clubs

    4-H Community Clubs are a fun way for youth to connect with their peers on a regular basis and to be a part of a larger community. Youth participate in small-group activities and engage in exploring and learning more about projects of their choice. These clubs are led by caring screened-adult volunteers.

    Participants: Kindergarten through one year past high school, must be enrolled in 4-H

  2. 4-H Project Clubs

    4-H Project Clubs are similar to 4-H Community Clubs, but the group’s activities focus on one or two project areas such as horse, livestock, robotics or shooting sports. Projects clubs are led by screened adult volunteers.

    Participants: Kindergarten through one year past high school, must be enrolled in 4-H

  3. 4-H County Ambassadors

    4-H County Ambassador program offers older 4-H youth an opportunity to learn and practice their leadership skills. Youth in the 4-H County Ambassador program work with their peers to create new learning opportunities for members, promote the 4-H program and represent the 4-H program. This program is led by 4-H staff and screened- adult volunteers.

    Participants: 7th grade through one year past high school, must be enrolled in 4-H

  4. 4-H Afterschool Programs

    4-H afterschool programs provide youth the opportunity to explore a variety of topics including; science, health, foods, animals, citizenship and more. 4-H afterschool is currently offered at four sites; Deer River Boys & Girls Club, Nashwauk-Keewatin/Spartan Fun Club, Bigfork school and Murphy Elementary.

    Participants: Typically, 2nd-5th graders, criteria differs per site. Depending on the site, participants must be either enrolled in the school’s afterschool program or 4-H.

  5. 4-H Incredible Exchange

    The 4-H Incredible Exchange is a summer program provides opportunities for youth to volunteer at organizations in the community. Youth participants are guided, by screened adult 4-H volunteers, throughout their volunteer experience. At the conclusion of 20-50 volunteer hours, youth gain valuable job experience and skills and receive a certificate redeemable for recreational or cultural activities of their choice. Sites are in the Grand Rapids area.

    Participants: Ages 13-15, youth must enrolled in 4-H and interview.

  6. 4-H Youth Teaching Youth (YTY)

    4-H Youth Teaching Youth provides the opportunity for teens to develop and deliver afterschool programming to elementary youth. Teen mentors identify topics and create curriculum that they deliver directly. Youth are guided by 4-H staff during the entire program. Teens currently deliver afterschool programming to youth attending Murphy Elementary.

    Participants: Grades 9-12, youth must enrolled in 4-H

  7. 4-H Resiliency Programs

    The 4-H Resiliency Programs offers the opportunity for youth to dive deep into social-emotional learning topics including; teamwork, communication, personal values and more. Youth also learn about how to make connections in the community and meet community adults during the program. Sites include; Deer River High School, Grand Rapids Area Learning Center and Northern Lights Community School. This program is led by 4-H staff.

    Participants: Grades 7-12 and participation is determined by school staff.


  • Youth and adults can join 4-H any time during the year but enrolling early in the fall ensures you receive all the communication from the 4-H Office regarding fun events and activities.
  • A list of community and project clubs in our area is available. Please call 218-733-2873 for more information.
  • Adults who want to join 4-H as volunteers, please contact the designated Extension Educator in your area of interest listed in the program descriptions above

Please contact us with any questions you may have.

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Extension Educator, 4-H youth development




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Extension Educator, 4-H youth development




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Extension Educator, 4-H youth development



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