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4-H clover Herdsmanship Rules

-Animals must be maintained and look presentable daily (all day, morning to night), not just at the livestock show.
-Animals shall be cared for using proper and ethical means.
-Exhibitors should be courteous and ready to explain their project to the general public.
-Exhibitors should be doing their own clipping, grooming, etc (parents and siblings may assist).
-Judges will look for cleanliness of alleys, aisles, stalls, pens, and cages.  Bedding should be dry and adequate (not excessive).
-Clubs or individuals may bring show boxes.  No show boxes should be in the aisles but should be stored in empty stalls.
-Extension cords need to be hung out of the way from main aisles.
-Keep center aisles clean and animals bedded.
-Animals should be clean, groomed and properly tied.
-Stay with your animal during feeding.  Feed pans should be removed immediately after animals are finished eating.
-Manure should be hauled to the bunker frequently.
-Conduct of exhibitors is taken into account on scoring.  Excessive horseplay, water fights, etc., are cause for point reductions.
-Because of congestion in the barn, all fitting chutes must be kept outside of the barns.
-Exhibitors must cooperate with neighboring exhibitors to keep area neat.

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