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Fall Lawn Establishment


Fall is a good time of the year to seed your lawn.  This is a good option for both direct seeding and sodding.  Grasses are "cool season" and prefer to grow in cooler temps.  This is also true for helping the grass seeds to germinate.  The option for seeding grass is still good until the first week of October.  It is best to use a mulch over the top of the seed to keep the seed in place and to help with germination.  Some of this may remain dormant until spring, but in sites that have poor access, this is a good option.

Be sure to select the "right" seeds for your lawn.

  • First, identify whether you have a sunny or shady lawn or does it need to address both.
    • For our region:
      • Sunny - Blue Grass
      • Shade - red fescue and other fescue species
      • Annual rye is a waste of money -- if the seeds germinate they will quickly die off from the winter weather.
      • Second, be sure the site is properly prepared to allow for good soil to seed contact.
  • Finally mulching the seed with some sort of cover.  Straw, hay, grass clippings would all work as good options.


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