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4-H clover Evening of Opportunity - Picnic and Performances

Let’s gather together to celebrate our youth in their talents and performances. RSVP’s are required for the picnic.


Demonstrations: Participants give an oral presentation. Examples: teaching others an activity, a report on leadership, or a step-by-step demonstration on how to complete a project. Register in the demonstration, presentation & speeches, or interactive demonstrations category through Fair Entry by July 7. (Showcase Guide pages 8-9)


Fashion Revue: Participants may model any clothing they have constructed, upcycled, or purchased as a part of their 4-H clothing project.  Participants must register through Fair Entry and complete the Fashion Revue documents – 2 colored pictures must accompany a State Fair Exhibit. Register through Fair Entry by July 7. (Showcase Guide pages 22-23)


Creative Writing: Exhibits include written short stories, poems, essays, play scripts, speeches, memoirs, social media posts, articles, blog posts, graphic novels, etc. Register through Fair Entry by July 7. (Showcase Guide page 21)


Performing Arts: Play an instrument or sing a song alone or with a partner/group. Anyone in grades K-12+ can participate. Must provide your own instrument.  Register through Fair Entry and fill out the Performing Arts Report Form by July 7. (Showcase Guide page 28)


County Pet Show: Participants may exhibit a domesticated pet, non-livestock animal in the County Pet show as one of their 3 pet show projects. Pet Show is limited to 1 entry per exhibitor from cat or dog or pet project area. Pet must be in good health, dogs and cats must have current health certificates.  Pet may not be exhibited as a part of any other project area for that exhibitor. Pets must be caged or leashed at all times. Exhibitors bring their pets for the show and take them home the same day.  Register through Fair Entry and fill out the Pet Show Form by July 7. (Showcase Guide page 29.)


Communication Arts: Being able to communicate effectively is important. This event is the perfect way to have fun and gain experience. This is a non-competitive event that has the following categories to choose from: Oral Presentations, Public Speaking, Interpretive Reading, Project Talks, Presentation with a prop, Paper Submissions, Photojournalism, Cartooning, or 4-H Promotional Poster for Cloverbuds. Open to all youth grades K-12+. Each participant will receive a $5 cash award. Learn more about these categories from the Communication Arts Flyer. Sign up through this Google Form.



Rebecca Rasmussen

Extension Educator, 4-H Youth Development, Itasca County




Bianca Karjalainen

Principal Office & Administrative Specialist, Itasca County




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